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Machine Learning Engineer Specialization

This specialization is the package of 5 Courses and a well defined structured curriculum that helps a beginner to nail the Machine Learning using Python and its libraries by the end of the specialization.

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Python for Machine Learning Course |
Python for Machine Learning Engineer
4.1/5 (33 Ratings)
Introduction to Data Science and Statistics
4/5 (35 Ratings)
Machine Learning For Beginners |
Machine Learning For Beginners
4.2/5 (68 Ratings)
Machine Learning Advanced and Applied AI
Machine Learning Advanced and Applied AI
4/5 (52 Ratings)
Data Structures & Algorithms |
Data Structures and Algorithms
4/5 (35 Ratings)

Tools & Skills Covered

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What our students have to say!

Joseph K
Joseph K
Skillhie Member
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As I was a Skillhie member I was able to get a benefit of 12 additional new courses are available every month. It's like a an add-on bonus pack.
Charitha Rani
Charitha Rani
SkillHie Member
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My prior interest was towards Machine Learning, but due to the access of all courses because of my membership has shown me other fields of interest which I never knew on my own.
Shashank Kumar
Shashank Kumar
Skillhie Member
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I grew more confident when I was able to share and explain my projects to my colleagues and supervisors which helped me to get an instant feedback, all thanks to Skillhie membership.


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