How to be Market ready before you graduate?

 All of us get worried about our future. At some or the other point, we think or look for advice on what to do after graduation. Or maybe in return, people ask us what our career plans are.

The same scene happens with a lot of individuals on a daily basis wherein even a graduate, new to a job, doesn’t know some basic stuff about his/her role.

So, to begin with, what’s with this Job market?

  • It is simply a market that helps in providing jobs to those who are seeking for one. 

Furthermore, gaining knowledge over these, needs research before you get exposed to the market.

Job search is required so you can understand a few of these terms and terminology, and the right time to do so is when you’re still pursuing your degree.

Here’s a guide and some tips that might help you sort out your things and get you started.

Begin with a basic plan.

Write down your initial ideas. What is the role you would like to have and for which you will be best suitable for. What makes you interested in that role. Just to know, few of these basic and small questions are what interviewers ask and observe on how you respond to them. So, a beforehand answer would help to get a clear cut clarity and give your reply a bit more confidence.


“The best preparation for tomorrow 

is doing your best today.”

  • H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Yes. Preparation is a simple and best start, the sooner the better. And that could best be done by creating your Resume. You get to list out all your qualifications, interests, skills, hobbies. And depending on what you’re missing out, you can take out your time for it and update or improve yourself. 

Why is working for an Internship highly recommended? 

Any company would hire you depending upon your skills or work experience. However, not many companies expect you to have experience in working since you’re a fresh out candidate looking for a job after your education. But, if you get yourself a little bit of experience by working as an intern, it’s definitely a plus point for you!

  The reason that gives you an advantage is in the way your skills are already utilized and having gained knowledge, can set new capabilities of your existing performance. 

  So, trying out for a few internships while pursuing your degree, would later on help you.

What will help you enhance your skills?

Getting worked up on your skills like Marketing, content writing, programming is not the only required field. Your Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills also play a vital role. And that can be achieved by a regular participation of activities, fests, events conducted in your College or Institution.

 Group discussion, Debate, JAM or joining a college club and taking up a responsibility can give you the experience and confidence you need especially when you’re required to speak out, express your opinion or give a speech in your interview or all along in your job career.  

Work or Higher education?

 The next step that you want to do is completely your decision. There is plenty of advice and suggestions you receive, but the future is your hands.

 For instance, if you’re a software engineer and you’re good at software skills, IT jobs rain over you and you could have a bright scope in your career. But that might not be the situation with everybody. Few prefer choosing higher education and then settle down for a job.

 So, to brief it out, they are two completely different categories. If your interests are matched for the position you’re looking for, then don’t just let it go and try for it. And if you think you need or prefer further study,(not) based on your educational background, then that helps you gain knowledge to your complete interest.

So, the uneasiness of doing all this in the final year might be very stressful and pressuring. It’s a good habit to keep up with the academic percentage but assuming all this good score will help get a job a little more easily, is not sufficient. Instead making a future plan can bring a good scope into your life.

Following these 5 tips feels less burdened and helps you grow and discover more about yourself over time simultaneously. Hope this has given you a clearer idea on how to utilize your time while pursuing your undergraduate degree.

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